Corporate Housing

MultiFam CorpHousingGeoVend International will help you cut your electric bill substantially. We work with a select group of Retail Electric Providers to offer you a choice of rates and contract terms. Our providers are noted for reliability and excellent customer service. We help you choose the best plan for your business and show you how to reduce a significant cost for your business. We have been selling electricity to Texas customers since 2004.

There are more than 100 companies in the electric power business in Texas. We have selected a group of nine of the best providers that target different markets. Two of those, StarTex Power and Infinite Energy, are very strong with multi-family properties and have adapted those services to the special needs of corporate housing providers.

Program Features

  1. Fixed price for electricity for the term of the contract on all units.
  2. No add or drop fees.
  3. Portal on your desktop that where you can notify provider to start or stop service.
  4. Unified bill that itemizes charges for each unit but allows you to make a single payment.


Our Services

  1. Get your electric usage for the past year to create an accurate analysis.
  2. Get rates from both companies for contracts of one to three years.
  3. Prepare quotations that show power rates; rates are fixed for the term of the contract.
  4. Demonstrate dollar and percentage savings in comparison to current provider.
  5. Help you select the terms that best fit your business.


After Sales Services

GeoVend International is here to help you after the contract is signed. We ensure that problems are resolved quickly and help you if your needs change during the contract.

  1. Periodic audit of bills to verify rates and fees are correct.
  2. Assistance in resolving issues with providers.
  3. Preparation of new proposals prior to contract expiration.


We want to meet with you to discuss your business needs.

We also offer discounts to you and your employees on your residential electric bill!