Handling Vacancies

Many property owners choose to set up a Continuing Service Agreement to keep power supplied to their property in the case of a vacancy, for easy showing and new tenant setup purposes.

A Continuous Service Agreement (CSA) addresses the unique needs of property owners and managers by automatically transferring electricity service into the property's name once a tenant has moved out. Our providers offer CSAs as a value-added convenience to your on-site management.

The benefits of a CSA are:

  • Seamless Transfer: Electricity service is transferred to your property's name automatically when a tenant moves out. Your staff doesn't have to make phone calls or fill out paperwork each time a tenant moves. The power will not revert to your name in the event a tenant is disconnected for non-payment.  You also see if a tenant stops service before moving, reducing electricity theft.

  • Always-On: The CSA allows the power to stay on so site managers can make the facility ready or show the apartment — even between tenants.