Residential Customers

GeoVend works with a select group of Retail Electricity Providers (REP) that offer low prices and excellent customer service. Each has a range of contracts from 3 months to 3 years and most offer a green energy option. Some of our REPs give special low prices for the first year to new customers who are members of groups that participate in the GeoVend International affinity plan, prices lower than what is available to other customers.

Most residential customers prefer a fixed price, one year contract. Here are current prices for those terms from the REPs we represent. Please note these rates are based on usage of 1000 KWH\month. If you use less than that, your rate may be higher and you may be charged a monthly service fee. These are described in the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) on each REP’s website. Most companies offer a lower rate if you choose automatic billing and payment.

Below are the current rates from some of our best energy providers!  Call us today to lock in these prices for the next year!

 One Year Fixed Rate

12.6 per kWh

One Year Fixed Rate

11.0 ¢ per kWh



Renewable/Green Energy

If you want a plan that is renewable, check the provider's Electricity Facts Label to see how much of the plan's electricity is generated from renewable resources, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, landfill gas, or biomass. REPs are also allowed to designate products that use electricity generated by natural gas, which is a relatively clean fuel, as "green." Make sure you understand these distinctions when researching your options. Greene energy rates are higher than rates for conventional power.


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